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bass fishing videos

Bass Fishing Videos

I’ve been fortunate enough to be filmed by The Weather Channel not once, but TWICE in my fishing career since 2014.  I have also been blessed with the opportunity to fish all over the world, and catch the fish of a lifetime.  If you love to fish, these bass fishing videos are going to blow your mind!  The Jim Root Weather Channel Bass Fishing Videos deliver detailed information about how weather impacts fishing, which is crucial knowledge for any angler that hopes to catch the fish of a lifetime!

Fishing and Weather: Facts and Fiction. A Weather Channel segment.

My Smallmouth Story, Part 1

Me and Z-Train.

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Smackdown!

Lake Erie Redux: Buffalo

Traverse City Smallmouth

Welcome To God's Country

Drop Shot tips from Jim Root!

Lake Champlain largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser, ICAST 2016

Cayuga Lake Largemouth Bass with Elite Pro Seth Feider.