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I’ve had a really incredible career in the fishing industry and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love for a living.  I feel like my love of the outdoors and adventure isn’t solely about fishing, but catching fish is absolutely at the root of my nomadic heart, and it’s evolved over time.  What began when I was 13 on the bank of the Chenango River grew into a serious addiction to smallmouth bass.  I took that passion I had, wrote a book about it, and in doing so I became fascinated by the people that I met, the experiences that I had, the food that I ate, the stories that I heard, and the memories that I made.  

The Next Step

When the book was done I wanted a break from smallmouth, and I found myself on a boat in the middle of Lake Ontario, reeling in a giant King Salmon which at that time was the biggest fish of my life, and a lightbulb went off.  I realized that as an angler I’d been living this very sheltered life.  In the 24 short months that followed I caught my first saltwater fish and my first big salmon on a fly rod; I’ve caught over 30 new species of fish and visited 4 continents, 7 countries, 5 oceans, 19 states, and more bodies of water than I could count (well over 200).  I’ve been on The Weather Channel twice, and fished alongside some of the biggest names in the sport.  January 1 2018 I partnered with some investors to launch a new production studio called Wild Outdoor Media, and a year later debuted my own tv show Reel Bragging Rights on The Sportsman Channel (January 5th 2019).


Sometimes I’ll get messages from people who know me from my smallmouth writing days, asking me why I don’t do more smallmouth shows and I always tell them the same thing.  Smallmouth to me are my first love.  We married young.  We built a life together.  I’ll always love those brown fish.  But the redfish, the sailfish, the GTs, the tunas, and the marlin of the world are like Italian Sports Cars:  built for speed and power.  Saltwater fishing, fly fishing, these are new worlds with new faces.  For now I want to keep playing with them for a little bit.  But don’t worry…I always come back.