Fact or Fiction: Jim Root myth-busting bass fishing rumors on The Weather Channel

jim root fishing on the weather channel

Many of you got to see the most recent episode of WXGeeks with Dr. Sheppard on The Weather Channel. I was a guest on that show, myth-busting bass fishing rumors and we covered a lot of different topics, but this one has gotten a lot of different responses from people who both agree and disagree with what I said.  The question was “When the cows are lying down the fish won’t bite.”  Some people have said things like “Everyone knows that fish bite better when the cows are eating”.  Well without getting into if I believe that to be true or not, I want to first say that I wasn’t asked that question.  I was asked if I believed that cows lying down meant that the fish wouldn’t bite.  I don’t believe that to be the case.  I believe that timing is everything, and that there are times when fish feed heavier than others, but that fish are also incredibly opportunistic.  The right bait, presented the right way, can’t be ignored.  I don’t care if the cows are lying dow, dancing a jig, or on life support.

I want to know what your thoughts about it are, and I’d also love to hear any similar myths you’ve heard in your life in a comment below!  Special thanks to Dr. Sheppard and the rest of the team at The Weather Channel for bringing me in to talk about weather and fishing and to help with the myth-busting.  I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are and to joining them for part two in the near future.

myth-busting bass fishing rumors