Destination: Guatemala

There’s a romance culture in Central America that you don’t often read about. The landscape is spicy just to look at, and seems to flow like a latin dance. There are signs of beauty and danger in every direction. From the golden black sand beaches, to the incredible Mayan ruins, to the ominous volcanoes and […]

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Destination: Indonesia

It's snowing, my hands are cold, but the mug of coffee between them is helping to fight it off.  My mind is thousands of miles away to a place I've never been.  I'm chasing a fish I've never caught.  I've done all the research, watched all the videos, but now it's time to go.  My [...] Read More »

Summer Bucket List

SUMMER BASS FISHING We know bass fishing in the summer can be fast and furious, but to be able to find some of the biggest and best fishing requires conquering some of the harshest physical obstacles you'll find both on AND off the water.  This bucket list of 5 lakes are places I've been that [...] Read More »

Head to Head Review: Deeper Pro+ vs iBobber

Portable Fish Finders   Deeper Pro+ vs iBobber With all the new portable fish finders on the market, it can be really overwhelming to know which is the right one for us as consumers.  With that in mind I decided to put two of those options up against one another straight out of the box to [...] Read More »

5 Days at Sandals Grande Antigua

Sandals Grande Antigua looked like it was pure paradise when we booked our trip online. I’ve been all over the world, but this was my first Sandals experience. After 5 days there here are my thoughts and things I think anyone should know before going there. Arriving at Sandals Grande Antigua When you arrive at […]

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The Best Salmon River Report Ever!

Fat Nancy’s has just created the best Salmon River report ever with a new livestream 4k Salmon Cam! Now people from all over the world can go see the river live. Watch guys fish, get current weather, information on the river flow, all the info you need to plan your trip or just pass the […]

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Bragging Rights

Dirt Road Dreams Some of you probably know that I grew up in Oxford, NY.  Located in the Chenango River valley, Oxford is smalltown USA.  There are less than 4,000 people and I graduated with (I think) 54.  We have two traffic lights now-four if you count the blinking ones, and at one time I [...] Read More »

2018 Summer Bucket List

After one of the worst winters many of us can remember the urge to get outside and on the water is at an all-time high.  Here are three bucket list tirps that will get your blood pumping without breaking your bank!  VENICE, LA Most anglers I spoke with after coming back from Venice said it [...] Read More »

Cayuga Lake Blade Bait Beatdown!

SteelShad I've been fishing with the SteelShad blade baits for almost a year, but I've gotten very confident with it in the past 4 months.  In fact I've reached a point where it's hard for me to put it down.  This past weekend at Cayuga Lake was no exception to that.  After struggling for a [...] Read More »