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Bass Fishing. 

Bass Fishing on the Columbia RiverBass Fishing is  more than just a hobby for a lot of people.  It’s about unlocking the pieces to the puzzle on every trip.  That’s why I started writing, to help me and my friends unlock the puzzle.  Now I share those keys with the world, so that anyone can have the tools they need to catch the fish of a lifetime.  Smallmouth Bass Fishing, Largemouth Bass Fishing, ANY Fishing is really incredible, and this is the place to find tips about all of them!  There are stories from all over the United States and Canada.  Here are just few bodies of water that I cover here:  Ontario, Lanier, Douglas, Toho, Erie, St. Lawrence, Champlain, Upper Bay, Santee Cooper, James River, Potomac River, Smith Mountain, Susquehanna River, Cayuga Lake, Mille Lacs, Sturgeon Bay, and so many more.  Don’t forget to subscribe below so you don’t miss out on any future stories!  And if you like free gear, be sure to like my Facebook page, I give away LOTS of stuff from Trokar, Stormr, Elite Tungsten and more!